Our Services

Our General services

Our Special Services

  • Services for overseas visitors

Surveillance and Monitoring system

  • Automated Guard Monitoring & Panic Alarm system with  Armed Response
  • Home Security with Armed Response
  • CCTV installation, surveillance and monitoring

Our General services

  • Armed and Un – Armed Guards
    We Provide best standard Armed Guard / Supervisors who have high degree of perfection in weapon handling and follow set Rules of engagement with precision when it comes to firing.

  • Access Control
    With the best understanding and practices in Access Control our personnel are focused in ensuring that nothing goes unnoticed and they never miss a thing when it comes to checking.

  • VIP Protection
    Our VIP Protection teams are trained to an extent that they are not merely close protection they are security shield when it comes to Protecting the VIP.

  • Escort  Services
    Our Close protection teams are highly Professional thoroughly trained on the skills and drills of escorting with vigilance that cannot be matched when it comes to Quick Reaction Response during escort.

  • Body Guards
    We have Body Guards who keep an untiring eye  on  likely emergency situation and their immediate response either to extricate or to counter the threat to save the life, that is “ clients life first” when it comes  to body guarding.

  • Incident & Crisis Management Consultancy
    Our Personnel are trained for and understand the fragile environment they perform in , that’s why they don’t panic when it comes to an incident or crisis, they manage it professionally.

  • Consultancy
    We have best security and risk management consultants  who are highly professional when it comes to security evaluation and risk management .

Our Special Services For Overseas Visitors

  • We provide Escort / Body Guard and Static Guarding Services to our Overseas clients:
    • On Arrival at the Airport in Pakistan
    • During Stay in Pakistan
    • Safe move to Airport till departure from Pakistan
    • We receive the client/ Family from any Airport in Pakistan, escort till Hotel/home