Alarm System

Vital Electronics Burglar Alarm System offers state of the art technology that is being used world over and has proved to be an excellent tool in countering crimes and protecting homes, shops, banks and offices from burglary, intrusion attempts to meet fire/medical emergencies. The transmission of Alarm System signal is based on primary telephone line and secondary GSM. Vital Control Room is equipped with most advanced state of the art and fully computerized monitoring equipment that operates round the clock throughout the year. On receipt of an alarm in the Control Room, Vital Response Force immediately responds and reaches the area of emergency.


Vital Security is offering Burglar Alarm System with Armed Response within Metrolpolitan City of Islamabad. We are the only Company providing Security Alalrm System in Pakistan that is capable of communicating on 2 different platforms (PSTN & GSM).


Our Company is proud to introduce the most advanced State of the Art PSTN / GSM alarm with stable and most reliable performance. It has robust control panel and keypad. Host connects PIR motion sensors, door contacts, smoke detectors, gas detectors and emergency button accessories etc. After receiving an alarm, host will display the alarm zone and alarm siren on site, It’s widely used in houses, factories, schools, shops, convenience stores, financial rooms, villas, communities and other area needed to be protected to ensure the security of the person and property in all aspects.  

How Are You Protected

  • Any intrusion or threat is detected by different types of sensors which are synchronised with the control panel.
  • The control panel triggers an alarm simultaneously and the signal is passed on to the Base Control Station.
  • The Control Station dispatches the QRF (Quick Response Force) to the point of incident.
  • QRF comprises of 3 x Armed Guards on vehicle equipped with VHF wireless communication.
  • They are fully trained and well equipped to handle untoward Situation/Incident.
  • The QRF reaches the site of incident within 8-10 minutes, as it is already positioned at the nearby location and remains on state of Alert at all the time.
  • QRF can also be called upon by the client in case of any emergency by push of panic button.

Surveillance and Monitoring system

Automated Guard Monitoring System( GMS ) / Panic  Alarm System

We have taken a massive lead in the Guarding services market by offering an effective and much reliable Guard Monitoring / Panic  Alarm system.

The Guard Monitoring SYSTEM has been specifically designed for keeping a check on the alertness of guards posted in remote areas, any area where guard patrolling is required and/or on night duty. The guard is required to press a button before the countdown timer reaches zero. If the guard fails to press the RESET button, the system sends out alarm to our control room, who can call the guard and send out response team to location. The timer is adjustable to the requirement of the client from 1 to any number of minutes and is connected to our control room via Honeywell, Bosch, DSC Control Panel.

Guard Monitoring/Panic  Alarm system address the  following security needs of  our client:

  • Monitor vigilance of the guard during  tenure of his duty
  • Monitor disruption of guarding service due to hostile action like gas attack, firing, hostage taking at client location
  • Armed Response in crisis/ Emergency :
    • Sabotage to security services at client location
    • Client in Panic/crisis situation
    • Burglary or Forced intrusion